Antur Cymru Enterprise launches new website showing it has a finger on the pulse of virtual trading and remote working

The new web site features virtual live areas, and a three-click to enquiry navigation whilst informing Wales of the whole business portfolio of Antur Cymru Enterprise. is not just a shop window of an impressive portfolio delivering bilingual pan Wales business services contracts for Welsh Government, but a virtual gateway to engaging bilingually with advisory and consultancy services. The web portal offers a chance to learn, debate and have a say on the cutting-edge business issues facing SME’s in Wales.

The new web site, a definite departure from the previous site has panoramic photography and intimate business owner pictures that portray Antur Cymru’s pan Wales footprint.

The images further evidence its diversity in dealing with an array of clients from all sectors, gender and ethnicity. The in-house design team were focused on making the vast amount of information easy to navigate with enquiry forms for each service only 3 clicks away.

Bronwen Raine MD explains the direction taken:

We have purposely avoided wordy explanations of what we ‘offer’ by using case studies at each juncture as evidence of ‘what we’ve done’ and ‘what we can do’.

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